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2021/2022 marks the bicentennial of a movement that began on February 6, 1820 as an attempt to repatriate the ex-slaves.
Year of the Diaspora Reunion 2021/2022 aims to celebrate 200 years of that movement. After 40 years of a slow-down, Liberia is excited to welcome Africans in the Diaspora home again. Situated on prime real estate along 360 miles of unbroken coastline and the largest remaining portion of the upper Guinea rainforest, Liberia will host the Bi-Centennial Celebration of Resettlement by inviting Africans in the Diaspora, specifically Liberians and African Americans, to the greatest reunion ever as we introduce Liberia as a tourist destination. This is also an invitation to join in the rebuilding of the only nation in Africa founded as a safe-haven for freed blacks from all around the world.


• To invite the African Diaspora (estimated 5,000 plus) to visit Liberia in 2021/2022 in commemoration of its 200-year anniversary.
• Welcome our Diaspora brothers and sisters’ home.
• Assist the African Diaspora with connecting with Africa through cultural experiences.
• Introduce Liberia as a country open for business, tourism, and investments.
• Improve the dialogue and narrative between Africans, African Americans, and the African Diaspora.
• Boost Liberia’s tourist industry.


The events will begin in November of 2021 and continue through December 2022. The prelude will begin in November of 2021 with the welcome of the SRDC’s Annual Convention. There will be events throughout December with the bulk of activities taking place from December 19th-Jan 2nd. There will be a series of investment summits to help drive investments into the country. There will be 5 to 6 major tours that are sure to excite tourists to invite other tourists with the hopes of boosting tourism. We will also be staying in local hotels, guest houses, using local rental car companies, eating at local restaurants, and engaging in everything Liberian business(es), thereby boosting the economy. There is a national calendar with a host of events throughout December 2021-December 2022 that is sure to drive monies into the Liberian businesses. Below are 4 major events that will Bless the country by providing a percentage to important sectors in Liberia and 1 event for our loving children:
• Heritage Ball: Fundraiser to raise funds for opening preschools in Liberia/adding one preschool in all 15 counties.
• Comedy Show featuring US own Michael Blackson: Fundraiser to raise funds to aid in the cleaning and preservation of our historical monuments/sites.
• Concert: Fundraiser to raise funds to assist with boosting tourism in Liberia.
• Dinner Mystery Theater: Fundraiser to raise funds for either building a small clinic for an underserved population or assisting small medical facilities in Liberia.

• CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY: The vision is to have a national children’s Christmas party in all 15 counties. The goal is, on Christmas Eve, in every county, at one location, and one time, there will be a major Christmas party where children will receive gifts. We are soliciting all 501’s to donate toys/gifts that will be shipped to Liberia in time for the Christmas party.

Again, the goal of YEAR OF THE DIASPORA is to have a reunion, like none other, that invites all of Liberia’s children out of the Diaspora to spend Christmas with her in honor of her 200-year anniversary/bicentennial and to follow that up with periodic visits during a one year period. During this time, all our monies, time, and resources will be spent boosting our own economy and the tourism sector, rather than spending our resources vacationing in other people’s country. Liberia is our home, it is beautiful, and a tourist’s dream come true. It is time for our children born abroad to see where they come from, learn our history, and become one with their people. Too much of our history and culture is being lost. It is time for us to be a Blessing to Liberia by assisting in the rebuilding process. This is the Diaspora’s way of saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA LIBERIA! WE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT UPBRINGING YOU GAVE US ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL SHORE(S)!

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